Placement Agencies

List of a variety of non-profit as well as for-profit volunteer agencies, a few of which are medical. Searchable by region, country, area of interest. May have more appeal to travel/volunteer combinations, especially students.

Medics to Africa

Medics To Africa provides health-care programs to international students and volunteers worldwide, organizing elective placements and projects for medical students, pre-med, nursing, midwifery, dentistry, physiotherapy and other medical related programs. “We help, consider & take care of your needs and provide you with a program that matches your interests & take away all the troubles of organizing it yourself and making sure you feel prepared and supported all the way.” This is not a non-profit organization.

Projects Abroad

UK-based agency with clinic and hospital affiliations in a wide variety of countries, offering opportunities for students (Medical, Nursing, Midwidfery, Physiotherapy, Dentistry), and experienced physicians. Costs are typically $2500-3500 for 1-3 month electives. This is not a non-profit agency.

Volunteer Overseas Resources. GVI

For over 14 years, GVI has been operating globally and helping volunteers find projects, Not specifically medical.

International Service Learning ISL

“ISL organizes projects in a variety of disciplines, though most are in health programs. Teams are organized to help work in in clinics in partnership with Ministries of Health and local professionals. ISL emphasizes that patients are made aware that volunteers assist health professionals, that all volunteers have direct supervision of licensed health care providers. ISL maintains contact with and usually re-visits work sites to insure sustainability.”

United Planet Quests

Seek volunteers from all levels of medical experience, including students and professionals to provide “a personal, authentic experience based on your goals, your interests, your passion.” Four types of programs are available: Short-term (1-12 weeks in one of ten countries), Long-term (6-12 months in one of 30 countries), Group (customized programs built for groups of 5 or more), and Intern Abroad.

The Global Health Service Partnership (GHSP) program

GHSP a public-private collaboration between Seed Global Health, the Peace Corps, and the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). Established in 2012, the GHSP program is a novel federal initiative addressing vast shortages of health professionals in many parts of the world. GHSP is committed to helping increase clinical care capacity and strengthen health systems in resource-limited settings by cultivating the next generation of local doctors and nurses. The program places US health professionals alongside local medical and nursing faculty counterparts to meet the teaching needs identified at each partner institution.