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The Society for Pediatric Anesthesia Global Committee (SPA Global) advocates for increased availability, improved quality and enhanced safety of anesthesia for children worldwide, with a specific focus on low and middle income countries (LMICs).


1. Advocate for providers of pediatric anesthesia care in LMICs and for their patients receiving anesthesia.

➢ Raise the profile and presence of pediatric anesthesia in LMICs via increased training opportunities
➢ Enhance provider visibility and competence through the use of multi-media sources such as journal articles, social media, radio, newspapers, and research projects
➢ Provide support, guidance & mentoring to pediatric anesthesia providers in LMICs to help them address their own challenges.
➢ Disseminate information & educational resources to anesthesia providers involved in caring for pediatric patients in LMICs.

2. Raise awareness among the North American Anesthesia Community of global pediatric anesthesia needs and work to develop long-term strategies to close the "resource gap”.

➢ Develop presentations at local and national venues.
➢ Foster a national reputation as an important resource for anesthesia providers considering international service.

3. Support improvements in pediatric anesthesia globally by fostering partnerships and collaboration among stakeholders in resource rich countries (individuals, organizations, and educational institutions) and similar organizations in LMICs.

➢ Partner with organizations similarly interested in pediatric anesthesia to jointly work on global anesthesia issues.
➢ Work collaboratively with international professional societies to develop and disseminate a database of international opportunities available to anesthesiologists in LMICs
➢ Advocate for humanitarian medical organizations to develop local self-sustaining pediatric focused anesthesia training and service programs.